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Andrew Bishop, Bishop & Light, Brighton, Hove, Eastbourne
Bullseye is excellent value for money and we have found it is user friendly, with good guidance as you go along, I would highly recommend it.

Joy Merriam, Solicitor Advocate, London
At last a billing system which prompts you to claim all you are entitled to and does more than the LSC calculator.

Helen Cousins, Cousins Tyrer Solicitors, Leeds
I have been using Bullseye to do all Crown Court bills, on a free trial. The free trial has been marvellous because I did not have to invest in the product until I knew I could work with it. Having now done so for some time, I have invested in it at the end of the free trial.

The package is simple, straightforward and almost fool proof. Any updates are emailed out promptly, and, if one was to need it, although I cannot think why, support is available on line, or by telephone. It does exactly what it says on the tin, LF1 and AGF bills are created with the minimum of effort, after helpful prompts, which ensure nothing is missed. No longer do I have to look up categories of offence, or keep a record of Crown Court codes. Bullseye and has speeded up my billing process enormously, and I am happy to recommend it to any firm

Charlotte Riley, Beswiscks, Stoke on Trent
Our firm purchased Bullseye as it was a free 28 day trial (with a discount for SACHA members). Having installed the software we found that it was extremely helpful and easy to use and it saved us so much more time by completing both LF1 and AF1’s on their system.
We chose to purchase the package because:
- easy to use software
- we have found that Bullseye are extremely helpful in answering any queries we may have regarding both LF1 and AF1 bills and general information. Previously I have had to call the LSC for advice which is extremely time consuming, however with Bullseye, it couldn’t be more simple – you email your query and you generally get a response back within minutes from their team of advisers who are clearly up to date with the process.

Flora Page, Managing Partner - Old Bailey Solicitors, London
Bullseye was the right choice for my firm because it has proper advocates billing, good screens for resolving different pay arrangements with different fee earners, and we can lease it, rather than pay up front.

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