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What does a modern Criminal lawyer/ law firm/criminal law department want from their software?

  • Mobile Digital Attendance Notes that send data back to the office and colleagues in real time
  • Digital Data imported into Case Management System with minimal intervention (by XML for non Bullseye Case Management Systems)
  • Didgital working reduces the overall cost of working case files
  • Efficient software which greatly reduces time spent in running cases and administering the practice
  • Software that reduces the need for support staff or helps free their time for more productive tasks
  • Case Management that auto generates /fills correspondence and Criminal Procedure Rules [CPR] forms [bail/hearsay/bad character etc]
  • Control and bill Police station and Magistrates Court work [auto calculate and pay staff overtime/ commissions/ disbursements]
  • Auto generation of monthly CRM6 bulk load and CRM7 submissions
  • Integrated Litigation LF1 billing with help to optimise billing that is missing from LAA on-line calculator: e.g. mental health disposals and more
  • Auto fill and generate documents such as Briefs to Advocate, CPR forms
  • Crown Court Advocacy be treated as an integral part of the system - full Advocate’s case management and intelligent billing of AF1 including escaping fixed fees – all with legal commentaries written by Advocacy costs specialists
  • All confiscation, special preparation billing for Crown Court litigation and advocacy
  • Making Hardship claims
  • Private Work
  • Electronic Diary
  • Integrated Accounts package auto posting all billing [no duplication of effort]
  • Track unbilled matters, unpaid bills, WIP
  • A true database that produces activity reports such as opened/closed files, fee earner reports
  • Facilitate SQM compliance
  • Free on line technical support and email helpline on billing queries

Bullseye provides all of the above and more with The Bullseye App, Practice Management, Case Management and Back Office Management. The Bullseye App as well as Crown Court Litigation and Advocacy Billing systems are available on a stand alone basis.

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