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We believe that a customer should be able to have a free trial before committing to a purchase. We provide a 30 day free trial of our Crown Court Advocacy and Litigation billing software. Please insert your details below and press SUBMIT. Then follow the instructions to take a free download from this website.

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There are many advantages in subscribing to Bullseye. Members have a dedicated page to take software updates and receive online support and can get the latest news on our plans for the paperless future and mobile online working across the criminal justice system. [ ... ]


Whilst I work in police stations and magistrates courts for many firms, I find that this firms Bullseye software system ensures that I... [ ... ]


If you have any problems of any kind, we are able to give you remote online assistance. Please call us on 020 7556 1030 and we will arrange a time to log into your system and provide help. [ ... ]