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Founded in response to LAA Contracting we developed software in a working environment. We know that most of your work as Crime and Mental Health lawyers is actually not based in the Office. So we provide you with tools to work anywhere: online or offline.
Our Clients include all sizes of firms and departments from sole practitioners to multi branch entities including mixed practices. Bullseye provides robust and integrated software for Practice Management, Case Management, an Accounts and billing service.
Our intelligent billing systems help solicitors maximise billing potential for Police stations, Magistrates Court, Crown Court LF1 and all Advocacy bills allowing an escape from fixed fees wherever possible
Our specialist knowledge of your area of practice is aided by the direct input of senior practitioners. So, our products are regularly updated in accordance with first-hand knowledge of contract compliance and forthcoming changes.
Our software prompts you to easily give and record high-quality advice. We are also aware of the heavy burden of contractual audit to which firms are subjected. Via our App, we even digitally integrate the work of your freelancers. We understand the worries associated with compliance rules and we have developed systems that help monitor these with minimal effort.
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There are many advantages in subscribing to Bullseye. Members have a dedicated page to take software updates and receive online support and can get the latest news on our plans for the paperless future and mobile online working across the criminal justice system. [ ... ]


At last a billing system which prompts you to claim all you are entitled to and does more than the LSC calculator. [ ... ]


If you have any problems of any kind, we are able to give you remote online assistance. Please call us on 020 7556 1030 and we will arrange a time to log into your system and provide help. [ ... ]