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This tool manages the entire back office/ all billing/ time recording/ accounts and contains everything except Case Management.

It is for those firms that have their own case management systems that they are happy with but need a system that runs the rest of the firm including billing/accounts/electronic diary and more. Specifically:

  • All LAA billing related codes such as schemes, police station codes, court codes, claim codes, outcome codes, disability codes
  • Integrated diaries that maintain diaries for the firm, each client and each fee earner –all from a single input
  • Time recording which calculates overtime to staff and commissions to agents/freelance fee earners including counsel – saving you many hours toil of manual checking
  • Billing systems which ensure that all travel and other disbursements are included in the bill
  • Indicates the gap between present and next level of fee claimable in Magistrates court cases
  • Ensures that payments of disbursements, overtime and commissions can only be made once – a vital control mechanism for you
  • Automatic creation of bulk load file for CRM6
  • Integrated accounts that share client and matter details and automatically post disbursements, fees and VAT making the accounting function most efficient. Reporting systems include variance analysis, balance sheet and profit and loss
  • Both Crown Court Litigation and Advocacy billing – all integrated into the rest of the system
  • Auto insertion of Crown Court codes and addresses and LAA/NTT processing centre addresses
  • Easy to use – guides you through all the different case types
  • Identifies offence class and applies the correct fee rates. Provides a list of offences per offence class
  • Bills LF1, AF1 Confiscation, Retrials and Transfer cases and the much ignored Evidence Provision Fee
  • Cases with Mental Health issues: for both AF1 and LF1: can help add ££££ to the bill by easily calculating and electing from the 5 different fees from which you can elect the most beneficial fee
  • Helps identify and bill those committals for sentence/appeals/ breaches which should be claimed at enhanced rates and not the lower fixed fees
  • For AF1: Detects the correct number of conferences and views that can and cannot be claimed depending upon case length
  • For AF1: Contains guidance on and helps bill those cases where no local travelling expenses can be claimed
  • Module contains legal commentaries in relation to AF1 billing
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